Thursday, 26 May 2011

Inverness Harbour Recycling Plant Heading For Green Light?

Remember last year plans were revealed for a huge recycling plant at Inverness Harbour?

Here's a reminder.

While some people got a bit worked up at the time about the fact no planning permission was required due to its location at the harbour, it seems on balance the idea of stopping lorries going down the A9 and along the A96 with Highland rubbish for landfill is OK.

Mind you, the materials the plant will recycle such as plastics and electronic goods should really be sent back to the manufacturer and we all as individuals should probably think carefully before purchasing such things - maybe the arrival of a recycling plant won't make us reduce our consumption as we should.

I mention the issue as the same company proposing the Inverness plant has won planning permission for one in Lanarkshire. A good omen for them? We'll see.

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