Monday, 2 May 2011

I Can't Stand Those Liberals ... Although That David Cameron's OK

The perils of offering to give up some precious spare time to staff a political stall during an election campaign.

Eleanor Scott's battlebus roared into the Sunniest Town in Scotland today and a small folding table smattered with Miffy stickers was unleashed.

Those who stopped to talk included a chap working in higher education interested in the Transition Movement (something Wife-features is about to dip her toe into ... more details when I have them), a lady asking why we still have a monarchy as head of state and a few folk who genuinely didn't seem to understand the voting system; the fact that areas like Moray are part of the Highlands and Islands region, the fact you get two votes for the Scottish Parliament with your local MSP elected under first-past-the-post (hence the Greens only standing on the 2nd vote) and regional MSPs elected using a proportional representation formula connected to how well the different parties do on the first vote.

Maybe the Electoral Commission should take a few stalls next time and leave the candidates to get on with explaining policies!

The highlight was definitely the Tory 'rebel' as he described himself. I'm not sure I'd normally put 'conservative' and 'rebel' together but there you go. He waxed lyrical about hating the Liberals although apparently David Cameron's okay. (?)

Clutching a rolled up Daily Mail (I'm not making this up) he literally foamed at the mouth saying women should be put back in their place and how socialists invented global warming so they could take over the world. What he said about the SNP I simply can't repeat here.

Eleanor caught up with a representative of the Nairn Access Panel and was shown how difficult it can be to get from one side of Nairn railway station to the other if you're disabled, elderly or have wee kids. Other issues discussed included the proposed Nairn South development, the town centre saga, Sainsbury's traffic lights and the fact that Nairnites have a great sense of identity and would probably have preferred to stick with Moray and Banff counties when local government was reorganised in the 70s, rather than being annexed by Inverness-based Highland Region.

And Eleanor saw first hand the fine work down at Mill Road allotments. My goodness! Runner beans outdoors already? What a climate!

The Greens are the only party to mention the importance of allotments in their manifesto.

The polls are as promising for the Greens as those thriving runner beans; let's hope the result on Friday is as good as the Nairn weather! 



  1. Looks like the ConDems are going to sell off allotments in England:
    The end of the good life

    "Government paves way for sale of country's 300,000 allotments as plot-holders revolt over plan to scrap historic right to council land"

    LibDem toxicity seems to know no bounds - Let's hope Highland voters kick them where it hurts!

  2. Interesting article. Thanks, Gurn. More power to revolting plotholders - that's what I say!