Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cunning Stunt

I see Cambridgeshire hillwalker Alan Sloman plans to go ahead with his hysterical over-reaction to the Dunmaglass wind farm.

He's pretty sure a few more turbines on a bit of land that isn't designated and is where the council have suggested developers build wind farms means the death of wilderness.

I'm sure I've blogged before about my love of hillwalking and bagging Munros. And the sight of a patch of turning windmills on a hillside doesn't spoil my day out. In fact, I find them uplifting and a sign of hope.

Mr Sloman's stunt is bound to be splashed across the media next week. I just hope the journalists covering it speak to a few more hillwalkers. I know plenty who love wind farms. I also hope they ask him what alternative suggestion he has for our energy needs. Using less energy and having a mix of renewables seems pretty sensible to me. The other options are dangerous, dirty and dwindling.

Another thought while I'm on wind farms: why, if there's so much concern about blights on the landscape, did so many people vote SNP twice last Thursday? Some say it's a mandate for independence. If so it's surely also a mandate for 100 per cent renewable energy.

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