Sunday, 8 May 2011

Checkout These Shops ... Coming Soon To Inverness (Not)

En route to the indoor soft play hangar at Inshes the other day (a blog on the experience is coming, I promise) I noticed an area of scrubby ground and a ubiquitous 'development opportunity' sign.

My first thought was - flip, another mini-mall of chain stores. Bleargh.

But look closer. To presumably prevent copyright infringement the names have been subtly changed. My favourite, a few doors down from the coffee shop you see here, looks like a video rental place but has the baffling name above the door: 'Clockbuster'.

Hilarious. My second thought - isn't this 'development opportunity' site earmarked to be flattened to make way for the new distributor road to connect with the A9 and the Beechwood campus? Sorry, that should read Beachwould Compass.

1 comment:

  1. And here was me thinking that virtual shops were the stuff of the internet.

    I reckon the shops could be real though, just cheap copies made in China hence the poor spelling