Sunday, 1 May 2011

Candid About The Candidates

It seems the price of petrol is the underlying issue of the Scottish Parliament election campaign in the Highlands.

In Dingwall on Saturday Wife-features bumped into David 'Call me Dave' Thompson (the last MSP to be declared in 2007, giving the SNP one more than Labour and enabling Salmond to land his helicopter on the presidential lawn) and asked him what the word on the streets of Ross, Lochaber, Badenoch and other Random Bits of the Map is. Cost of fuel, came the answer.

The issue also cropped up during today's recording of the BBC Radio Scotland hustings at Eden Court, due to be broadcast tomorrow (Monday) at 1pm.

Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed and I literally ran into Fergus Ewing on his way into the theatre. His nipper is about to be three. What have I to look forward to in the next year, I quizzed the Minister for Drugs. Lots more sausage rolls, apparently.

The fuel price issue is of course a bit of a red herring. We've burnt the cheap stuff. So the question for the candidates is what they plan to do over the next five years preparing us for life with increasingly expensive petrol. How do we make it easier to walk and cycle places and catch a cheap and reliable bus or train at convenient times?

Fergus has been a good constituency MSP and is sure to get back in. But who would you rather helped the government get things done? Libdems or Tories? Or how about the Greens, who propose a 'public transport renaissance'?

That's the ticket!

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