Thursday, 7 April 2011

Whodunnit Mystery - Tain Bookshop Is The Innocent Victim

Sad news from the oldest Royal Burgh.

The great wee bookshop there has closed its doors. Could it have anything to do with a big out of town supermarket? Yes it could.

We can't help noticing a similar story elsewhere. Forres used to have a secondhand bookshop but it's gone since the new Tesco opened. How long will the Nairn Bookshop last if Sainsbury's starts selling bestsellers and non-fiction at knockdown prices?


  1. Secondhand bookshops have been blasted out the water by internet sales. No need to leave your armchair when buying books now. Secondhand book shops have been vanishing all over the place at a rapid rate. Supermarkets to blame? Not for secondhand surely?

  2. Not just bookshops! One reader emailed me the following observation:

    "Blame amazon is certainly the received wisdom, but according to the cover story of March 31st’s North Star, one of Tain’s two Gleaner filling stations and the Home and Music Emporium on the High Street have also closed since the Tesco store opened. In the same newspaper you’ll see that an independent candidate has withdrawn from the election due to lack of funds. In February, Labour, Lib Dems and Tories voted against a tax on large retailers and the Greens pointed out that those parties had each received considerable donations from supermarkets. I don’t imagine the supermarkets make donations to the funds of independent candidates so it’s not just your choice of where to shop that is shaped by these organisations."