Monday, 4 April 2011

Spelling Broccoli's Hard Enough But Getting Kids To Eat It?

Trees, Gromit!

We’ve still not quite convinced Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed it’s OK to eat cheese but she’s started wolfing ‘trees’.

I should explain this is what she calls broccoli.

You’ve no idea how proud Wife-features is. Her wee girl eats broccoli! I’m half expecting her to take out a back page advert in the Nairnshire Telegraph to tell everyone.

It is interesting if a bit frustrating watching TWMBO go through phases of loathing and loving different foodstuffs. Some nights almost her entire tea goes in the bin while on other occasions she’s practically licking the pattern off the plate.

We’ve also developed a pattern whereby if she turns her nose up at something wholesome we’ll trail ahead to pudding, warning that said pudding won’t materialise if the wholesome main course isn’t at least tried. It really works. The other night I watched as the entire contents of her dinner dish were scooped up in a fist and pushed into her face at the prospect of getting access to a biscuit.

It’ll be interesting to see how Toddler responds to food dug up from her allotment. She has a wheelbarrow and watering can and we’re hoping to create a wee corner of the allotment for her. Maybe those pesky tomatoes and salad leaves won’t seem so weird when she realises she can help them grow?

Apart from rare occasions visiting my Papa and his veg patch I’m a true child of the 70s/80s. Most of my formative food memories involve things from packets and tins.

We would have soup from a powder in a packet followed by frozen fish fingers and Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles (waffly versatile) and finally butterscotch Angel Delight made from powder from a packet.

There was even a fruit drink (I used the word ‘fruit’ in its loosest sense) that you made up using powder from a packet.

I also remember being in the privileged position of being allowed the lone cherry from the can of fruit cocktail in syrup - until my brother arrived when I was six and then we had to share. Hmph!

Other creations which seemed space age at the time were things like Toast Toppers and Sandwich Spread. I swear special effects guys on movie sets deploy these condiments when vomit is called for.

Somehow I survived.

Looking at the food we eat today it seems like a different world. On a recent trip to visit my Gran we took snacks for TWMBO. The pot of hummus intrigued Gran and she had her first taste of it. Not a hit. But still amazing to think this was the first time someone in their seventies had tasted hummus.

I’m trying to think what I would have been offered as a snack when I was TWMBO’s age. Probably some prawn cocktail flavoured Skips. Mmm, mmm! Whatever it was it would have been in a packet.

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