Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Public Safety Announcement

For a long time I've wondered why on earth so many people buy the Daily Mail. Its articles crop up pretty regularly on the excellent Tabloid Watch blog - check it out.

For professional reasons there are times when I have to sully my eyes with the Mail. Such as today.

Their coverage of the Libdem manifesto launch had the headline: "Party's big new idea ... more rights for gays".

They took one line from an 83 page manifesto: "We will tackle lack of awareness about gay issues, equality and bullying through the teaching profession. We will find new ways of challenging homophobia in schools and colleges and underachievement by lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils."

Which the Mail translated into: "Libdems are promising lessons on gay issues in Scotland's schools. Teachers would be expected to give over class time..."

Followed by a quote from 'Family and Youth Concern' (?): "Most parents don't want their children's schools to promote homosexual lifestyles."

I felt sick after reading this bilge. Intriguingly they don't have this story on their website - only the print version.

The public safety announcement in my headline? Oh, yes. Next time I'm in Strachan's buying my papers please don't be in the queue ahead of me clutching a Mail. I will not be responsible for my actions.

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