Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Plot Thickens... With Veg!

A combination of good weather and Easter holidays means The Electric Allotments are buzzing with activity just now.

I've managed to squeeze in some time on our plot, marking out a small section, getting the earth turned over and raked - perhaps not quite to the 'fine tilthe' the guidebooks suggest - ready for planting.

Some tatties and onions are now in. Leeks and other goodies soon to follow. I'm basically throwing a bit of everything at it to see what sticks. Wife-features is very keen we only sow what we'll actually eat. Assuming my tatties, onions and leeks sprout forth we can eek out the winter months with Leek & Potato Soup for lunch and dinner every day!

I've assembled a gate (any excuse to browse the aircraft hangar size screws, bolts and nails department of Highland Industrial Supplies) and plan to whack in the fencing shortly.

It's proving to be a great wee community with a real cross section of Nairn digging for victory. If you're passing on the train give us a wave!

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  1. yes the site is looking good had a look tonight, not much work left to be done on it,all the best for your growing year hope its a good one for us all.