Monday, 4 April 2011

Nairn Motorists Who Cause Traffic Jams Fume At, Er, Traffic Jams

Here at Green Dad HQ we have little sympathy for those in Nairn who campaigned for an out of town supermarket but who now appear aggrieved at the prospect of a few more traffic lights and pedestrian crossings in the town.

There's even a Facebook page set up by one of the local councillors called "Nairn Against Proposed New Traffic Lights" which blames Transport Scotland when of course it was the councillors who voted for the supermarket who are to blame.

Getting across the A96 on foot, especially with kids, can be a nightmare so anything that helps has got to be welcome. Nairn needs a by-pass but meantime (I've said it before and I'll say it again) get on your bike!

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