Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Lot To Update You On

A bottle of Blue WKD, a disused power cable, three varieties of snail, one enormous beetle, a hundred and forty-two pebbles, seven shards of glass, a Zoom wrapper, a packet of Disco crisps (empty) and a couple of roof slates.

My first allotment yielded the angler’s equivalent of a welly boot, as expected.

The sun has been shining these past few days and the allotment-holders down our way have been busy as bees. I made a start today.

Some already have sturdy fences up, sheds erected and sprouty things sprouting but today for me was all about introductions.

Introductions to the new neighbours - a dad about the same age as me with a son about the same age as my wee girl and a lady determined to get some tatties on the go as soon as humanly possible - and the soil that makes up the Green Dad family plot.

I selected a square about four metres by four metres and gave it a good forking, flinging all manner of aforementioned detritus to the side. “Seventeen black bags and I’m still going,” came the ominous advice from the nextdoor neighbour waging his own war on the impurities.

I then raked the square from south to north then west to east. All in all a sweaty, back-creaking two and a half hours.

But boy do I feel good. Hopefully tomorrow with a bit of top soil I can get some actual planting done. Once a few things are in the ground I can tidy up the rest of the plot.

There are pictures here of the perimeter fence going up. The poor contractor has by all accounts been swatting people away like midgies as they enquire into the possibility of leftover fenceposts and wire for their own wee sections. I have a cunning strategy that involves relocation of my mother’s spare garden gate and fence. (Spare? Don’t ask.)

It’s interesting to see the effect the acquiring of an allotment has had on me. Previously a trip to Highland Industrial Supplies (mainly for its excellent cafeteria run by Cobbs) involved looking at various implements and widgets and wondering who on earth buys them whereas now I actually go there with a shopping list.

Previously my web favourites were things like the Calvin and Hobbes daily cartoon or Savage Chickens but now it’s filth like this (sensitive blog readers should look away now).

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