Monday, 25 April 2011

Inverness Should Consider Itself Lucky

Bristol has 31 branches of Tesco, apparently.


  1. Please may we have a denominator?
    Bristol has a population of 433k people according to Wikip.
    Not sure what the best denominator is - probably population in which case Bristol has 1 store per 14k population. Inverness's population is about 56k in 2008 according to Wikipedia. 56k=4*14k so for Inverness to up to its Bristol's in Tesco would mean 4 Tescos. Obviously not taking into account the size of each shop is daft but fixing that requires more effort.

  2. Damn statisticians! Maybe it's because I'm an adopted Teuchter - I tend to think in terms of geography rather than population. In Nairn we're only ten miles from a Tesco (Forres) and soon we'll have a Sainsbury's on our doorstep. It feels like a retail version of Japanese knotweed or something...

  3. Sadly I researched the per head of population figures before reading the comments left on this post! (for the record Roger H I arrived at the same conclusion). The fourth Tesco is currently under construction. Get it up ye Bristol! Trying to take our title? Dinnae think so....