Monday, 11 April 2011

How Many Grebes Will The Blimp Maim?

The wind farm deniers have a hilarious plan to fly a big balloon near Kiltarlity to show the height of the proposed Druim Ba turbines. Not exactly scientific but certainly eye and journalist catching.

The P&J coverage also mentions an event in Inverness recently at which wind farms were rubbished by an expert from the Renewable Energy Foundation. A quick check would have revealed this Foundation is chaired by a serial investment banker and directed by a former oil and gas chief. No conflict of interest there. No-one from the renewable industry was invited to take part.

Meantime I wonder if any sane people want to join me in out-stunting the Say No numpties by hiring an inflatable nuclear power station? Of course if it springs a leak and starts to deflate we'll have to evacuate a hundred thousand people.

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  1. There is an alternative to land based renewables, offshore. But these would cost extra money to build and maintain compared to their land based cousins, and I suspect as long as our government can tick the renewables box by avoiding the extra expense of offshore and supporting mainland turbines it will.
    Green energy costs money which seemingly few people wish to reach into their pockets for, so I suspect that the future is the colour bleak as we build more fossil fuel fired, and nuclear powered generators for our electricity, oh and visually pollute our countryside with massive windmills and protest balloons