Monday, 4 April 2011

By George, He Hasn't Got It!

George Monbiot - whose environmental views normally chime with my own - gave a talk in Findhorn tonight explaining why he believes going nuclear isn't all that bad.

It was a wide-ranging talk which stimulated a lot of discussion about where our future energy supplies will come from and I commend the organisers for enabling this sort of conversation.

One young audience member wondered why we're not seriously talking about energy rationing. A good point but which brave politician is going to propose that!

Sadly George seriously believes the risks involved in nuclear power plants are less than the impact on the scenery by installing some wind turbines, hydro reservoirs and pylons. Very disappointing.

On the plus side he suggested we could rely on the bankers to break the economic system again quite soon, stifling our compulsion for growth, growth and more growth.

Personally I'm with the energy quota girl. And grown men with power-guzzling X-Boxes should pay twice as much for electricity as normal humans!


  1. Perhaps we could have one of his new Green nuke power stations (mini size) down at the allotments to warm the tea up?
    He's convinced, I wasn't but one or two people in audience were according to conversation afterwards. Perhaps we'll see a community nuke being built next to the windmills at Findhorn?

  2. Bagsy the first chunk of uranium we unearth on the site!

  3. My take on George's talk was that nuclear was possibly less bad as an option than coal fired power, I don't think he was saying nuclear = good.
    Whatever, it's a powerful u-turn to try and swallow even as a piece of logical green spin
    We're too geared up to consumerism which includes energy.
    We will only see radical reform if and when the economic system crashes, until then very few would sign up to energy quotas
    I would go for all current taxes to be abolished, and then apply taxes only to energy, but don't think I would win many votes