Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Poos, Peas and Playdough

Toilet training. Now here’s a subject Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed will almost certainly thank me for discussing publicly on a blog. (Note to self: consider printing out all copies of the internet and burning before TWMBO gets web access. I assume that will be when she’s 18?)

As TWMBO’s 2nd birthday approaches we are nearing the point of nappies giving way to pants. Already we get three minute warnings from her when, er, production is about to commence.

The other night there was a successful deposit in the porcelain bank. It’s impossible not to feel proud, even if it is icky. (Speaking of porcelain banks, I’ve just recalled that wonderful expression Speaking to God in the Big White Telephone. Ever had a very bad hangover? I think you understand.)

Meanwhile we’ve been having fun squeezing and producing squidgy shapes that are altogether more fragrant. Playdough.

It turns out I take my Playdough - sorry, ‘Soft Stuff’; I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s copyright - seriously. TWMBO invited me to help her make something and half an hour later Wife-features walks in on us to discover I have rolled almost a whole kilo of green Soft Stuff into about sixty-seven individual garden peas. And there’s an anatomically correct orange Soft Stuff carrot to go with them. All I needed was a slab of brown Soft Stuff, slightly pink in the middle, to nestle alongside and I’d have had an ersatz Sunday lunch. (Ersatz was an answer on University Challenge the other night. Why didn’t anyone get it? Kids these days…)

I wonder at what point TWMBO will make the connection between Playdough/Plasticine and the Wallace and Gromit films she’s become hooked on? Every time I see the residents of West Wallaby Street go to the moon I want to slice off a wedge of yellow modelling clay and try eating it on a cracker. You truly haven’t lived if you don’t know what Blu Tack feels like pressed between your teeth. Or is that just me?

Tactile fun is, well, fun. Especially on dreich days. I’m delighted to say the weather has perked up a bit - today was a cold one but a bright one. Adventures in the park and on the beach, curtailed over the winter months, look set to ramp up again. Time to dust off the bucket and spade...

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