Thursday, 3 March 2011

"One last flap of the arms before the barrel goes over the falls..."

With a turn of phrase like that, is it any wonder I'm a big fan of Michael Chabon.

The author of Wonder Boys, the Final Solution and other gems recently published a memoir called Manhood For Amateurs. It's full of anecdotes of failure. He admits to having a glass half empty attitude but it just adds to his charm.

He turns out to be a massive Dr Who nerd and shares his thoughts on the death of the ultra-brilliant David Foster Wallace.

I heartily recommend Manhood to any dads, sons or brothers. Women must not read it. Too many male secrets will be given away.

For example: "One of the fundamental axioms of masculine self-regard is that the tools and appurtenances of a man's life must be containable within the pockets of his jacket and pants. Wallet, keys, gum, show or ball game tickets, Kleenex, condoms, cell phone, maybe a lighter and a pack of cigarettes: Just cram it all in there, mother****er."

Amen, brother. 

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