Thursday, 31 March 2011

Carton Carry On Resolved For Nairn Recyclers

I perhaps haven't been paying close enough attention but the other day doing Statutory Dad Chore Nr 83 (taking any accumulation of packaging to the recycling depot) at the Park Quarry on the Grantown Road I noticed a skip for 'beverage cartons'.

Hardly front page news, I'll grant you, but my eyes lit up.

For a long time it seems Tetrapak and its ilk have been a puzzle for recycling authorities. (Something to do with the metallic lining.) The installation of a facility suggests they've cracked it. So no longer do our mountains of milk, juice and passata cartons go to landfill - they go for recycling. Let's hope the mystical Blue Bins take them when they arrive later in the year.

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  1. Ah yes, the green quandary of recycling in Nairn. Driving all the way to Park Quarry and back hardly helps our carbon footprints, though it may assist HC meeting their waste recycling targets
    I begin to lose faith when I've arrived at the quarry only to find 'x' container full and to be told to put it into landfill, which means I could have saved myself the drive and put it in my own wheelie bin!
    As for the glass bottles which we carefully colour sort, I've seen these being emptied en masse into one container on the back of a lorry
    Recycling in Nairn, makes you feel good as long as you don't question it to much!