Monday, 28 February 2011

Study says green sector costs more jobs than it creates

Government support for the renewable sector in Scotland is costing more jobs than it creates, a report has claimed.

I've never read such bilge. It isn't 'costing' any jobs and the report hints at things like tourism but admits there is no evidence to support such a claim.

All energy sectors have had major public investments. Just think of the ongoing cost of dealing with the toxic legacy of nuclear.

We have to move to a low carbon economy. The costs to society are greater if we don't.

If the reporters who covered this report on jobs had bothered to check, the consultants who wrote it have a track record. Here you can see their report that came out against minimum pricing for alcohol. Full of holes and commissioned by the, er, um, Scotch Whisky Association. No conflict there.

Interestingly they don't say who commissioned their anti-renewables report. If you were a hack, wouldn't you ask?

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