Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Plans for windfarm are scaled back

Controversial plans for a large north windfarm have been dramatically scaled back, according to this article in the P&J.

Carbon Free Developments originally planned to build 55 turbines on the Moy Estate, south of Inverness, but last night the company said it will now apply for planning permission for 20 machines.

Interesting to note: Carbon Free said it will contacting people who live closest to the windfarm site to show them revised photo montages, illustrating the visibility of the turbines from their homes. Also that updated plans will be available at and the revisions will be discussed in detail at the next liaison group meeting.

A lesson for other wind farm developers? Go straight to the nearest residents and create a 'liaison group' rather than hosting public exhibitions which usually give the climate change deniers and other numpties the chance to drown out reason with their hysteria?

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