Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Blue Monday: How Does It Feel?

So, I take it you survived Blue Monday? What a load of twaddle. If anything I’ve been extra perky this week, despite Toddler’s latest penchant for rising at 5am.

The spring in my step may have something to do with the fact that life’s about to become a wee bit simpler.

To fill you in: at the moment the three of us (Green Dad, Wife Features and Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed) hustle and bustle of a morning to get washed, fed and clothed before bundling into the car and joining the jam that is the A96.

I drop WF at her work, TWMBO at her nursery and then pitch up at my own grindstone. At the end of the day it’s action rewind time with me heading back to nursery for TWMBO, back for WF and back home to put the teas on, bathe the wee one, get her in her jammies and off to bed with milk and a story.


Here I am at 8.30pm finally able to do what I want. And you know what I want? My bed!
I recall friends, relatives and colleagues coyly saying ‘better get some sleep now’ before the baby arrived. Oh how we smiled, little realising how serious they were.

It’s been a shock to the system; I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. Indeed, one of my previous paid gigs involved drinking red wine and playing records of an evening, sometimes till 1am. It seems so alien now.

But I’ve made my lumpy futon so I better try lying on it, to coin a phrase. I am a Man in a Grey Flannel Suit by day and as I said it’s all about to become a bit easier.

The daily commute will become greener - I’ll be letting the train take the strain as I did before TWMBO arrived, and there’s a bike ride between the station and the office making the commute even greener as well as healthier.

I’ll actually be increasing the hours I work but bizarrely I reckon I’ll spend more time with my knee-high best buddy. Breakfasts can be less frenetic and the quick bike and train journey home should give us time for a chat and a play before bath.

While I scowl thinking of those euphemisms like ’get sleep now’ and ’it’ll change your life’ - when people really mean ’it’s mental’ and ’what the hell were you thinking you ninny?’ - I grin and nod sagely at those who said ’your priorities change completely’. They’re right. The kid is the centre of the picture.

On that happy note, and to ensure we’ve banished the Blue Monday blues, check out these wise words from Hector Mackenzie. (Hector. It’s a great name. One day TWMBO will get to hear how it almost became hers.)

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