Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Supermarkets Have Super Powers

Tonight's Panorama reassured me I'm not unreasonable in holding grudges against supermarkets.

If you didn't see the show click here to view on the iPlayer and click here for the associated news story.

In short, the stranglehold of supermarkets is getting tighter and the consequences for the quality of our food and the environment are deeply worrying.

Even more worrying is the herd-like instinct of many people, politicians and planners here in the Highlands who think big out-of-town supermarkets are a good thing.

I attended a recent community council meeting at which Sainsbury's bumper stickers were being handed out. Needless to say I didn't take one.

While I understand consumers craving choice the answer is not a massive shed of a shop that you have to drive to and in which you buy bland overpackaged food sold at knock down prices that put small producers out of business, damage independent high street retailers and only provide unskilled, uncertain jobs.


  1. This is what happens when people expect everything to be cheap. People want the earth, maybe even the moon on a stick, but somehow expect to get it all for free without considering the cost. Or something. Anyway. Supermarkets are evil. Especially Tesco. (5 years Tesco free, if you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem....)

  2. Spent some time with my parents yesterday, and listened to my Dad complain about the stranglehold of the supermarkets. I asked him if he was boycotting them, since he feels so strongly about it. This apparently hadn't occured to him, and he felt that it made no difference if he stopped shopping in supermarkets, since nobody else will. I told him I haven't shopped in a supermarket for most of this year, and that he can't change the world, but he can change the things he does. Lets hope that's one less contribution to Tesco's profits this year...