Monday, 13 December 2010

Politics Is Snow Joke

Last week if you’d asked Joe Public to name any of Alex Salmond’s Scottish Cabinet I suspect you’d have been met with puzzled looks and an eerie silence. This week however I bet most folk could name ‘the guy who looks a bit like Father Jack from Father Ted - you know, the guy responsible for the bad weather’. They mean Stewart Stevenson who quit at the weekend after the other parties and the tabloids ganged up and accused him of not stopping snow falling in Scotland in December.

Personally I think the forecasts had been clear for some time and anyone venturing out was doing so at their own risk. It’s amazing what little bubbles of worlds we live in - safe in our warm cocoons, stepping from our house into our car and into our office without having to breathe much fresh air or take too many steps. Or observe what the weather’s doing and why it’s sometimes a good idea to take a jacket and a flask of tea.

Amid any political stooshie it’s usually worth watching what the Green Party say. During the childish tantrum festival that was the debate on minimum pricing for alcohol they were the only non-SNP guys who gave a considered opinion and were for it. They said: No, it’s not perfect and only a small part of the effort to tackle Scotland’s drink problem but it’s better than nothing and we can save lives by doing it straightaway.

A similarly thoughtful comment has appeared on the subject of Mr Stevenson and his Snow Balls Up from Green council elections candidate Gavin Corbett.

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