Monday, 27 December 2010

New Year Resolutions

1. Continue to campaign for better public transport. It’s heartening to see Elgin community council calling for the piss-poor Inverness-Aberdeen train service to be upgraded. And interesting to note the comment from the authorities that a ‘feasibility study’ has been carried out into improvements.

2. Continue to battle the numpties who think a snowy winter is a sign that ‘global warming’ must be a myth. The past decade has in fact been the warmest on record.

3. Keep on top of the recycling mountain at the back door. It’s sad to hear of the death of the creator of The Wombles. Today I tried to ‘pick up the papers and take them to Tobermory’. Well, not quite Tobermory but the newspaper recycling bins in Forres but inexplicably they’ve been removed from their usual car park. Any answers Moray Council?

4. Continue to be a traditional Scottish dad and switch off things that aren’t being used and say ‘put a jumper on’ when someone complains about the temperature. Every little does help, despite what plonkers like this guy from SEPA suggest. Turning off your phone charger when it isn’t connected to your phone might not save a lot of energy but it’s a useful way to get people to realise the implications of their actions and get them thinking about what and how much they consume. (Why are electricity meters hidden in cupboards under the stairs and why do they need deciphering by specially trained meter readers when they should be easy to understand and in full view of everyone via a big clock on the mantelpiece?)

5. Use recycled wrapping paper for future gifting. Yes, it only seems to be available in a fetching shade of, er, brown. But the recycled string comes in bright colours! It’s not often I see a politician saying something sensible but this festive message from Highland councillor John Laing struck just the right note I thought.

6. Keep on blogging!

Happy New Year from Green Dad, Wife Features and TWMBO.

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