Monday, 13 December 2010

Literally Making A Good Point

In between the day job, the fatherhood and the community do-gooding you'd think I'd have no time for anything.

But the other day I spotted an opportunity to do something good for the environment, a local community and my own health.

I dragged along a friend to help clear gorse bushes and thorns from parts of Carnac Point in Inverness to improve the view from the path and benches which overlook an area frequented by herons, seals and dolphins.

In case you've never heard of it, Carnac Point is opposite the harbour - a spit of land into the Moray Firth forming the final stretch of the western bank of the River Ness and just a stone's throw away from the boundary of the Merkinch Nature Reserve. (For the record I didn't throw a stone to prove this although I am a nifty skimmer with a good flat pebble and a calm sea.)

My mum-in-law used to live in Merkinch and was a keen walker. Seriously, Zola Budd had nothing on Mrs S who loved fresh air and the wonderful opportunities for strolling Inverness provides. Just think of the Caledonian Canal, the Ness Islands and so on. I'm sure she would have approved of our handiwork.

BTCV (It used to stand for British Trust for Conservation Volunteers but apparently the corporate line is to forget the acronym and insist it is a brand - rather like the WWF people who get twitchy when you call them the World Wildlife Fund) are involved in the Green Gym initiative. It tidies up bits of ground for communities to use while providing outdoor physical activity. Genius!

The pal I dragged along to help clear the gorse says he plans to muck in with future BTCV events. I'd encourage you dear blog-reader to do likewise.

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