Monday, 13 December 2010

The Kids Are All Right - Just Don't Have Too Many

This blog is an attempt to make some sense of the baffling life I lead. I try very hard to be ‘green’, especially as I became a dad for the first time last year. But therein lies the dilemma. One of the worst things you can do in terms of carbon emissions and depleting the planet’s resources is to, er, well - have a kid.

I love being Daddy - the challenge is to minimise my impact on the planet and raise my little person to hold the same ideals. I've been thinking of blogging my endeavours for a while. Peter Preston has spurred me into action with this tough-talking article.

I'm not a member of a political party and in the grand 'green' scheme of things I'm pretty normal - I have a mortgage, a car and have just plugged in the Christmas lights. But I love my bike, hate to see waste and get freaked out in really big supermarkets.

I believe the best way to make our society kinder to the environment and more ethical is incremental changes rather than the 'you're either with us or against us' attitude many green campaigners emit.

If I had oodles of cash and oodles of time I'd stick a windmill on my roof, install solar panels, dig an allotment and only ever take the train but hey - I live in the real world.

But back to Peter Preston's population problem. If we’re serious about the long term liveability of the planet then we should explore the idea but he's right - which politician is ever going to dare suggest people have fewer kids?

Usually what puts people off having babies is the messiness of parenthood and the enormous weight of responsibilities. And that's the crux of my dilemma: I wouldn’t give up the messiness and responsibility for anything.

I am Green Dad. I fully intend to do the recycling but first I need to scrub some crayon out of the carpet.

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